Home Heating: Common Mistakes

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Nowadays, people always prefer to live in a place with a healthy environment. We all know that an energy-efficient home is very comfortable to live in and safe, from hot summers to frosty winters. But when chilly weather is coming and temperatures continue to fall, you will surely want to keep your entire home warm. 

In this blog post, Blue Cloud AC Repair’s team explains most of the common home heating mistakes that consume most of your energy.

1) Leaving the exhaust fans on.

Always don’t forget to turn off the exhaust fan in your place (kitchen or bathroom) as soon as you are finished using it. This will help you eliminate the dampness and bad odors from your home, but you clearly don’t like to pull warm air out of your home for longer than it is needed.

2) Heating an empty home.

If you are at work most of your days or away for the weekend, then it is not necessary to turn on your heating system. Do you know that a programmable thermostat can let you set temperatures for the whole day? This device can help you save money from paying high utility bills. The good thing about this device is that you can even set it up to warm up your place several minutes before you return home.

3) Leaving the windows opened.

It’s a good idea that you always close your windows. However, closing them only is not enough. It is much better if you lock them up for you as well to avoid losing energy. If your window is not sealed tightly, it will let the cold air from the outside to infiltrate the inner part of your place and warm air from the furnace to escape.

4) Cranking up the thermostat.

You should make sure not to get wrong by trying to warm your place faster by cranking your thermostat up higher than it requires. Setting your thermostat device higher will not affect how fast your home area warms up. If your heating system will simply end up running longer than its normal functionality, then it may lead or result in a higher energy bill.

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