Common Causes and Repairs for AC Vent Condensation

Causes and Repairs for AC Vent Condensation

Once you see your AC vents sweating or worse leaking water, you should start looking into what causes the problem. When you overlook it, you may end up with a defective cooling unit along with a possible air conditioner repair cost. The issue with some moisture given off the air conditioning system is the water damage that may occur after some time if you don’t deal with the hidden cause. 

Clogged Drain Line : Condensate is a derivative of the cooling mechanism. It’s the moisture that the air conditioning system eliminates from the air and reduces to liquid form in the cooling process. Thus, there are different components that could be at fault. Its drain line may get clogged, resulting in water coming out. So the drain pan may get blocked that can cause it to overflow. Or, when you have a pump, it may stop functioning. Some of these factors may cause water to reach the duct and may leak through the air conditioner vent.

Frost Evaporator Coil : A frost evaporator coil is one common cause of water leaking from the air conditioner vent. When you switch off the system to examine, and then check the water, and the iced coil may be the issue. The frost on the coil will start to thaw, leaking through the ducts and the air conditioner AC vent. Frost coils are typically caused by airflow issues such as a clogged filter or maybe a refrigerant problem. When it happens, it’s better to have the system examined by an expert. The damage to the system from iced coils can result in compressor breakdown, something you don’t want to happen. Be attentive and never deal with refrigerant chemicals without professional training.

Defective Insulation : When you have metal ducts without ducts with defective insulation, it will possibly generate condensation in the ducts on the air conditioning vents. It occurs as the warm air outside the ducts drips inside, the area where it connects with the duct walls. In order to check it out when it is the reason for the condensation, examine your ducts.

Dripping Boot : The air conditioner duct installed to the vent through the boot. When there isn’t enough insulation on the boot, or when there is a drip where the boot is installed to the duct, it draws warm air and results in condensation within the boot that leaks down to the air conditioner vent.

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