Common Glitches With Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning Problems

Has your AC unit stopped cooling recently? Then you must be agitated and checking for the source of the problem.

Below are some common issues that our team observe during AC unit repairs:

Faulty Thermostat : Its thermostat is a sensor that determines the temperature and instructs the compressor to run or end the cooling cycle. Thermostat breakdown is a common issue of improper or irregular cooling of AC units. Once it shows a blank display, then it means that something is wrong and you need to have an HVAC expert for an AC.

Dirty Coils : One cause behind the low performance of your AC unit can be the dust and other debris that get stuck in the coils. The condenser coil is designed to deplete the heat. When it is dirty, the heat will not be dispersed outside and it may reduce the efficiency of the cooling system. While the efficiency declines, the air conditioner will have a hard time cooling the room. 

Defective Compressor : Compressors are important parts of air conditioning units and are installed to cool rooms or buildings. It presses the refrigerant and spreads it around the evaporator and condenser coils. One reason for the insufficient cooling may be a defective compressor.

Low Refrigerant Level : When you have a split AC unit and window, which fails to cool as you expect, then it indicates that the level of refrigerant is under the required level. A refrigerant is a substance that spreads around the evaporator coils and freshens the air flowing inside it. The fresh air is then directed to the room to achieve the temperature needed.

Undersized Unit : We often make the mistake of overlooking the size of our when purchasing an air conditioning unit and take it that fits our budget. Eventually, we buy an AC unit that is not enough to cool the room or building during hot summers. In order to prevent it, you always need to consider all the size parameters before purchasing an air conditioning unit.

Frozen Air Handler : In some cases, the evaporator coils at the back of the air filter get frozen and the air warms up. The frost in the coils prevents the contact of the air in your house with the refrigerant of the coils. It stops the air from cooling and the air conditioning fails to moisten it.

When your air conditioning unit stops keeping up with the cooling requirements then contact Blue Cloud AC Repair. We will send one of our highly-trained technicians for AC repair. Contact one of our HVAC repair specialists today!

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