Common Home Cooling Myths Debunked!

Cooling Myths Debunked

Who would like to be deceived into thinking something is true when they are not? Especially when it comes to your comfort and cooling needs. It is more annoying and irritating when someone fools you, right? But how sure are you that the steps you are taking are saving you time and money? To set things straight, here are the following cooling myths exposed:

Turning Down the AC Helps Cools Home Faster

If you want to cool your home, turning down your AC to its lowest temperature won’t help, as your HVAC system can only blow so much air at a time. Instead, change the filters or have it tuned-up to improve its cooling capacity.

Ceiling Fans Cools

Counter to the belief, ceiling fans do nothing to cool the air inside your home. It will create only a wind-chill effect, but nothing has to do with your home’s actual air cooling temperature.

Setting the Thermostat Lower Helps Home Cool Faster

When people turn their air conditioning off while they are not home, they tend to think they should set the thermostat low when they get back, figuring this will help cool their home quicker. But this is not necessary! You can set the thermostat to its natural temperature when you turn it back on, and won’t take any much longer for your home to cool off. 

Keeping the AC On Saves You Money

It is a common misconception to think that keeping your cooling system on is much cheaper than turning it off when you are away and turning it back on when you arrive. Unfortunately, this is completely wrong. Cooling an empty home involves more energy than cooling a warmer home after you arrive!

The Bigger AC, The Better

This one is another common myth most people think about air conditioning. Many assume that if a little AC is a good thing, but a bigger one is better. Buying a bigger air conditioner is not the best choice to make, as it will not provide faster or better cooling. Instead, it will cycle on and off too repeatedly, actually wasting energy. Excessive cycling will also cause noise issues and comfort problems, and potentially shorten the life of the unit.

Purchasing High-Efficient AC Means Can Save More

One final myth to beware of is the idea that all you have to do to save money on your cooling bills is to purchase a new one with a top energy efficiency rating. Unfortunately, even the best and well-known units in the market cannot provide efficient cooling without the proper setup and support.

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